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Income Share Agreement - Sharing your Salary with your College. Would you consider it?

Would you be willing to share a percentage of your future salary to your school instead of paying on your student loans (income share agreement)?

Some schools are now trying to assist students in paying for their education by entering into an income sharing agreement. The agreement requires the student to pay a portion of their salary to the school. For instance, if the payback is 10% and you make $100,000.00 a year, you would be paying $10,000 a year to your school. Similarly, if your salary is $20,000.00 a year, you would be paying $2,000.00 a year to the school.

This is a risky proposition for both the school and the student. However, it does provide an incentive to the school to find a graduate a high paying job! Would you consider such a proposal?

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