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Student Loan Issues?

The Law Office of Brian D. Shapiro Can Help You!

Legal Representation

Legal Representation

For over 20 years, the Law Office of Brian D. Shapiro has assisted individuals within the bankruptcy process. Mr. Shapiro was even appointed by the Department of Justice, United States Trustee Office as a Chapter 7 Trustee.  In that capacity, he has seen first hand the hardship of individuals who are unable to pay their student loans.  Clearly, we are in a student loan crisis.


The Law Office is now focusing its efforts on helping you reduce and even eliminate your student loans through the bankruptcy process.   Unfortunately, for most individuals, they have believed that their student loans can't be reduced or eliminated in bankruptcy.  As a result, they never consulted with a professional to determine if they qualify for such relief.  The Law Office of Brian D. Shapiro is dedicated to assisting you in your student loan issues.  Isn't it time to find out if your student loans can be discharged?  

We are focused upon helping you.   


Just call us at 702-386-8600 to make an appointment . 

Legal Aid

At a Reasonable Rate

So, how much does it cost?  We understand that you are in financial distress and we believe that you understand that the Law Office is unable to work for free (after all, we have employees that must be paid and our own costs).  So, we crunched the numbers to try to determine how we can balance your needs with our own costs.  After much discussion, we created a flat fee arrangement (instead of the typical hourly rates) and have agreed to initially meet with you to discuss your student loan issues for a flat fee of $100.00 (which is then credited to you if you retain the Law Office).  

By clicking on the link below, we have made our fees 100% transparent and have provided you with the actual costs, the flat fees and even our retainer agreement. 

So what are you waiting for?  Lets get started!


How to Get Started

Making Notes

Step One:
Make An Appointment

Mr. Shapiro will meet with you personally to discuss your student loan issue. Just call 702-386-8600 and make an appointment.  There is a $100.00 consultation fee.  If the Firm is retained, such fee will be credited to your account.  Such fee will be collected prior to meeting with Mr. Shapiro.

Team Meeting

Step Two:
Gather Your Records

Mr. Shapiro will need to review (1) your bankruptcy petition, schedules and statement of financial affairs, 2) bring all of your student loan documents (everything you have) and (3) in a single page or less and in your own words, write down why it is a hardship for you to pay your student loans (such as unable to find a job, have a health issue, retired, etc.).  

Business Meeting

Step 3:
The Consultation

You will meet with Mr. Shapiro for 45 minutes to discuss your case.  During this conference, Mr. Shapiro will briefly review your documents, discuss the potential of pursuing a discharge of your student loans, will explain the flat fee structure and what it covers.

Making Notes

Step 4
Retaining the Firm

Retention.  If both you and Mr. Shapiro agree that the firm should be retained, then you will be asked to sign the retainer agreement.  After retaining the law firm, Mr. Shapiro will begin the process of attempting to discharge your student loans.

Contact Information for the
Law Office of Brian D. Shapiro

510 S 8th St

Las Vegas, NV 89101


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